Cookies Policy

What are Cookies:

Cookies are small files that are being saved in the user’s device and concern useful information and settings of browser (e.g. preferred language) for the browse in one site. The Cookies make easier the surfing in one site.


www.orxistra.com uses Cookies that facilitate user’s access and assure smooth and safe surfing in the site.

Cookies’ technology saves various info, preferences and habits (such as purchase basket content) offering in that way more customized experience and advertising content reflecting relevant interests.

Cookies that we use concern purposes:


-Marketing and promotion

-Site’s performance

-Prevention and fraud

So your visit to site becomes easier and more pleasant ameliorating in that way the web experience of your future visits.

Cookies deletion:

You can delete whenever you want saved cookies with relevant settings according to the browser you use (Internet explorer, Firefox, Chrome) or you can choose their deletion when you enter the site.

If you deteriorate or delete the Cookies many of the functions may not be available forcing us not to guarantee smooth operation of our site.

Each browser provides clear instructions regarding usage policy and cookies deletion