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What you need to know

1. Firstly decide where the event will take place. There are some venues that don’t have a permit for live music and accept only DJ’s. It is important, therefore, before any discussion, to be sure the venue you have chosen to host your event has a legitimate license for live music.

2. Decide on the style of the orchestra or band that will accompany your event. At this point, we can  help you by discussing possible repertoires together to see what suits you best!

3. You should take into account that in order tohave live music  for your event, it isnecessary to arrange for sound coverage so that the music will be evenly distributed throughout the venue.

4. Think of songs that you may especially wish to hear during your event and tell us in time.

5. For better  service, be sure tocontact us as early as possible to book a date, thus ensuring the orchestra orband that interests you.